Optimise Podiatry Workshops

Customised 1 and 2 day workshops can be designed for your practice and team needs focusing on development of skills in mobilisation of the nervous system, joint mobilisation, pain science, graded motor imagery,  trigger points and dry needling .

Assessment and mobilization of the soft tissue and joint structures of the lower limb are effective complimentary treatment options for the podiatrist. The 2 day workshop is aimed at introducing concepts to enhance tissue mobility, neuromuscular responses and patterns of movement to optimise patient treatment outcomes. 

The podiatrist will be introduced to dry needling, neuromuscular       dynamics and joint mobilization. Using theory and practical breakout sessions participants will develop skills to enable incorporation of these techniques into their practice and management of the patient with chronic and acute foot and lower limb pain.

Workshop will cover:-

  • Introduction and benefits of Dry Needling and Stretch & Spray
  • Myofascial Trigger Points , etiology and predisposition
  • Safety & risk management
  • Dry  Needling Techniques
  • Neuromuscular dynamics 
  • Joint mobility and patterns of movement
  • Central nervous system sensitization and the chronic pain patient.
  • Strength balance and rehabilitation.
  • Clinical application and case studies
  • Access to private facebook BEOPTIMISED group

Course notes will be included in a detailed manual.  All equipment and a clinical pack of dry needling essentials provided.

The workshop will be fully catered,  for small groups of 8-12 participants.

The 2 days will commence at 8.30am and conclude at 5pm

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