Loving your work is all about having less frustration with difficult cases with  more enjoyment and satisfaction  

Are you looking for fantastic results for your   patients and your team?

Success in practice is  seeing happy patients that love what you enable them to be able to do. 

This is exactly what an integrated treatment approach can do for you. This is what it is to be optimised as a podiatrist

OPTiMiSE (V) “To make something better”

1. To improve, enhance and remedy a patient or their condition
2. To enrich, revitalise and reinvigorate the practitioner
3. To correct, boost and redeem the patent practitioner relationship

​​​Changing an approach can be difficult, gaining confidence and expertise challenging. It is possible but it takes effort, time, application and practice to optimise you, your patients and your practice.

"If you are missing the instructions, the tools and the directions I can help"


My name is Lisa Mayo I am passionate about achieving the best result possible in my treatment outcomes.

A little bit like a bower bird collecting all things pretty, shiny and sometimes useful, treatment options can be considered like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes that piece fits and sometimes the piece is missing. 

The clinician must remain nimble in choices of treatment always placing the patient in the centre of the treatment 

An integrated treatment solution is truly a patient centric approach to management. 

My goal in sharing the integrated treatment message through Optimise Podiatry Workshops is give you the practitioner additional knowledge, skills and foremost confidence to use and apply those treatments in your clinics

Leaning about what is available and practising how to apply new techniques in a fun and communal atmosphere is a great way to develop and grow.

The Work Shops

In our workshops we talk pain science, the biopsychosocial approach to

pain management, mobilisation of the foot and lower limb from neural

mobilisation to musculature, trigger points and joint mobility.

Treating the body as a whole, considering diet exercise and lifestyle choices

 on equal footing to the tissue stress at a mechanical level gives more

options and flexibility in management .

Knowledge brings empowerment to all. Get out of the way of yourself dip your toes in the water then jump right in 

Why be avera​​​​​​​ge when you can be optimised?

My background as a clinician and running a practice with a team has given me an opportunity to make mistakes, learn, try, redesign and apply concepts to many patients over the last 30 years.

If you want to learn how to treat and manage patients with a human patient centric approach front and centre you are in the right place.

Lets take your passion for your patients and create
greater success and happiness for all.
Ready to start ?
Here is a sneak peak at an optimised approach.

The Optimise Podiatry Toolbox looking at Plantar Heel Pain. A 30 page guide to heel pain management 




I have sailed most of my life starting in Sabots as a 5 year old crew . We love sailing in Pittwater just north of Sydney. Spiders creep me out big time followed closely by bush rats.

I have coached ,umpired and still score baseball for my little boys – both are now in their 20’s still playing and loving the game. When my kids were growing up I made their birthday cakes.There was lots of drama the night before the party.  The worst disaster was when the pirate ship was chosen out of the  cake book.

 I still play softball with a local team Sapphire Sox. 

he only   other female in my house is our gorgeous cavoodle Coco.As a 20 year   old I travelled overland from Kathmandu to London on a double decker  bus. I still love travelling but like a little more luxury now .

I love drinking  tea after a tea trip to china. My favourite is Honey Orchid from Phoenix  mountain and Da Hong Pao from Wuyishan