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Girth Measurement, Obesity & Heel Pain

Diet & lifestyle factors can play a role in the onset and perpetuation of plantar heel pain as found in this study  and foot pain  study 1 

Girth measurement is a simple measurement and has been validated as a predictor of obesity. It is a reproducible method of measurement without the confounding issues associated with BMI. A girth measurement in the at risk and obese range will increase the predisposition and risk of Coronary Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and death. Girth measurement is an indicator of visceral androgynous fat which is highly associated with systemic inflammation and metabolic disease.

Your girth or waist measurement is easily performed.

Standing barefoot with the feet together using a non stretch tape measure (not a metal tape measure)measure the circumference of your waist at the navel with ht stomach relaxed after exhaling. The tape measure should be kept parallel to the ground and the stomach should be bare.

If girth measurement is an indicator of obesity and precursor to metabolic disease and insulin resistance, as primary care allied health practitioners podiatrists can take a proactive role in educating and offering resources to patients .  A proactive approach for the undiagnosed but at risk patient could be a powerful management for longer term foot health. In recognising the adverse impact of obesity and metabolic disease on the foot and lower limb preventative action in the form of lifestyle interventions is a low risk treatment option. 

Currently  Virta is offering online lifestyle intervention for patients  type 2 diabetes and their research is indicating reversal of diabetes is possible with dietary intervention. The typical Australian diet high in carbohydrate and processed food will place a patient with compromised metabolic flexibility   at risk of developing  chronic diseases associated with metabolic syndrome and then being managed with medication. If the process can be limited or indeed revered by diet surely it should be a choice offered . There are some wonderful committed educators and health care specialist promoting the concepts of reversal of chronic diabetes and obesity through diet and lifestyle interventions

For some great insight  into the hormonal implications of Insulin Marika Sboros in Food.Net reviews Dr. Jason Fung’s Book the The Obesity Code .  

Professor Tim Noakes through the Real Meal Revolution  and Noakes Foundation

 foundation has a goal of reversing the world wide epidemic of obesity and type2 diabetes through diet lifestyle and education .

The message is clear there are options other than medication to support and compliment our chronic disease care. The foot is a part of the whole story  . 

What we eat affects our feet.

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Heel Pain An Integrative Approach

Solutions for pain free feet

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