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Being successful in practice is not about fancy gear , flashy promos or big marketing statements. You just want a treatment process that gets results for your patients so that they can have pain free, healthy active feet

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Fantastic results for your patients and your team .Less frustration with difficult cases, more enjoyment and satisfaction in your work. Happy patients that love what you enable them to be able to do.


lisa Mayo  has been practising podiatry for 34 years with a special interest in joint and soft tissue mobilisation, chronic pain management and the influence of diet and lifestyle on foot health.

Over the last 10 years workshops in Dry Needling, Trigger Points & Stretch and Spray have been run for undergraduate podiatrist at the University of Western  Sydney and for the Podiatry Association of NSW as a 2 day workshop and in shorter formats & presentations at state conferences.

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Enjoy treating tricky heel pain, central nervous system sensitization, forefoot pathology and other common but pesky chronic pain conditions of the foot.

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